Faculty Spotlight – Dr. Charles Jobs and Dr. David Gilfoil

3 Feb 2012 by Tina Hicks, No Comments »

Over the past year, DeSales University MBA faculty Dr. Charles Jobs and Dr. David Gilfoil have done collaborative research on global adoption rates and usage patterns of social media platforms (i.e. blogs, micro-blogs, social networking, video/photo uploading).  Their collegial efforts have resulted in four conference presentations, a best paper award, and four publications in respected domestic and international journals such as the Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (AMSJ) and the Journal of International Business Research (JIBR).  Their common interests led them to study cultural differences in usage patterns, marketing and consumer (buy vs sell) behavioral patterns, and market segment (emerging vs developed nation) similarities and anomalies. Intrigued by their findings and the explosive growth of social media platforms, the two professors have now set their research sights on the practical nuances and challenges of measuring and reporting the return on investment (ROI) of social media.  They have also begun developmental work on business courses incorporating social media trends, concepts, and issues for the DeSales part-time MBA program and undergraduate business program.  Stay tuned for more developments…


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