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7 May 2012 by Tina Hicks, 1 Comment »

The MBA Association is officially refreshed and reloaded with a brand new board of students and alumni and will be planning events and more over the next year.

Our New MBA Association Board (from left to right): Steven Heimbach, Christine Rinaldi, Joyce Farmer, Carla Gonzalez-Swartz, Angela Nash, Charlie Brita (Not pictured: Dezso Nyitray and Milot Rukiqi)

Their first event, “Share the Dream” Stories of Entrepreneurship, featured five DeSales MBA students and alumni at various stages of the entrepreneurial process.  Joyce Farmer, an entrepreneur in just beginning the process business planning and developing, shared the joys and difficulties of taking an idea to the next level.  The biggest decision was determining if she and her husband had what it takes to become entrepreneurs.   

With her husband, Crystal Calla, Fat Boys House of BBQ, ventured into the food truck industry on a part-time basis.  His culinary expertise coupled with her MBA and business background has enabled them to grow their business to a point where they teamed up with Wise Guys Depot to sell their BBQ on its property.  BBQ and beer what a great combo! 

Rena George-Beck and Juan Martinez have also reached new stages of growth in their entrepreneurial ventures.  Rena George-Beck, PAWSitively Poochie, opened two successful grooming locations with an extensive client base and is determining where to expand.  An entrepreneur’s life is never dull; there’s always another decision to be made!  Juan Martinez bought and opened the State Café & Grill in Easton and recently opened another restaurant, Don Juan Mex Grill near Lafayette College.  Juan used social media and smart phone apps to engage his customer base in unique ways; he has had such success that he is looking to his next venture!

The final speaker, Esther Rowland, didn’t set out to be an entrepreneur.  While experiencing success working in IT and studying for her DeSales MBA, she met her husband, Dr. Michael Rowland, who had a small dental practice, Oral Dynamics, in the Lehigh Valley.  Growth was stagnating in his practice, so Esther lent her business expertise and, with their combined skills, they were able to grow beyond the capacity of their leased facility.  Eventually, they purchased and renovated a dilapidated property in Allentown, and are now the proud owners of a very successful, state of the art facility designed to give customers a pleasant dental experience.

Each story was unique and inspiring, yet possessed the same message – to become a successful entrepreneur, you need commitment, dedication and perseverance to overcome the challenges.  In the end, your success will be determined by you – do YOU have what it takes?  The MBA program can give you the tools, but YOU decide what to do with them. 

The MBA program is very excited to see what lies ahead for our entrepreneurs and the MBA Association!   View the video that Rena shared with us – Entrepreneurs Can Change The World


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