DeSales MBA – Peru Through a Student’s Eyes

29 May 2012 by Tina Hicks, No Comments »

One of our MBA students, Paul Keeler, has shared a story and some pictures from his trip to Peru with DeSales MBA program!

After two long days of airports, bus travel and a tour of the wonderful city of Cusco we begin our third long day by awaking at 4:45am.  Limited sleep for the past two nights and a hint of altitude sickness are taking their toll on our bodies.  There’s just enough time to grab a quick bite to eat before we board our tour bus for the 40 minute ride to the train station in Pomroy Peru.  All 16 of us have a similar tired, sickly gaze on our faces but we are excited to be here and anxiously await today’s destination.  We are blessed with a mostly sunny day.  The morning air is crisp and fresh, but the intense sun provides great warmth in areas where its light falls.  We board the train and enjoy a very scenic three hour ride to Machu Picchu station where the mountains rise around and above us like massive sky scrapers in New York City.  They are majestic and beautiful. 

My anticipation for seeing Machu Picchu is impalpable at this point.  A local inhabitant points to its general direction high in the glorious hills, but catching an early glimpse from this location is impossible.  After meeting our guide Beto, we board the bus that will take us up the mountain.  Up we go on a dangerous, 1 ½ lane dirt road with no guardrails and too many switchbacks to count.  Other buses sneak past us on their trek back down the mountain to pick-up their next load.  These drivers are clearly experienced and manage the dangerous trek with ease.  Still, that doesn’t keep my heart from skipping a beat as I glance out the window and down the shear edge of a mountain.  Finally we arrive at the drop-off point of our destination.  I twist and crane my neck but can only make out a small edge of the grounds from my current vantage point.  After making our way through the ticketing area, we receive a special Machu Picchu stamp in our Passports.  Beto then leads us down the path and into Machu Picchu and proudly proclaims “Welcome to Machu Picchu”.  My eyes widen as my mouth drops just a bit.  I am here and I am in awe.  This wonder’s first impression exceeded my expectations and provided a moment I will cherish forever.

Paul Keeler













We look forward to providing global opportunities such as this one to our part-time MBA students in the future.  We’ll keep you posted!


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