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A photo of some of our MBA students in Peru with the EL550 special topics course and study tour in May 2012.

We have some exciting special topic courses being offered in the summer and fall sessions.  Check out the descriptions below!  If you’re interested in taking one of these courses, talk with your advisor or register via WebAdvisor here.

Summer 2012
MG520 – Power in the Workplace
Center Valley/Lansdale Video Conference

Power in the Workplace is an in-depth study of social power as it occurs at the workplace.  The course is conducted in the hybrid format with some class sessions held in the classroom and some sessions held in the on line environment. Both the theoretical and applied perspectives are addressed.  Course topics include individual self-analysis of power use, sources of power, metamorphic effects of power, power building and utilization skills and the role of powerful people at the workplace.

Fall 2012
EL501 – Management of Technology
Center Valley

The objective of the course is to discuss the various aspects of Management of Technology.  This involves generation, development, and commercialization of technology.  Socio-political factors play very critical roles in managing technology.  We will examine these issues with a special emphasis on the ethical considerations that managers must pay attention to.  This course will help you to apply the various concepts embedded in economics, sociology, and psychology in business situations.  By analyzing five long cases, you will be able to develop a good understanding about this issues whether one is trying to build a new venture or working in an existing organization.

AC510 – Fraud Examination
Center Valley 

Occupational fraud and abuse is a widespread problem that affects practically every organization, regardless of size, location or industry. In the Fraud Examination class we will develop an understanding of how and why asset misappropriation, corruption, and financial statement fraud is committed; identify the human factors associated with increased risk of occupational fraud and abuse; understand management’s responsibility for establishing and maintaining an environment promoting ethical behavior, compliance to laws, and adequate internal control; and learn how allegations of fraud are investigated and resolved through a study of effective fraud examination and through interaction with fraud investigation professionals. The focus of the class will be on the areas prone to fraud, corporate ethics, why people commit fraud, and how to detect and prevent fraud. This course will be a mix of lectures, guest speakers, videos and case studies. MBA concentration class for all majors except project management.   

MG520 – Leadership & the Executive Mind
Center Valley (Hybrid – Mondays & Saturdays)

This course is an introduction to the inner resources of the mind and personality for vision, leadership, and performance, and the systematic methods of developing these resources into practical skills. The course will include a study of: the structure and functions of the mind; the innate skills of the mind  — concentration, physical and mental balance, imagination, will, intuition, reasoning, and instinct — relative to personal productivity; and the development of the personal skills of leadership. Emphasis will be given to the application of inner resources for creative problem solving, enhanced clarity of thought, and effective communication. Emphasis will also be placed on actual skills development in self-management and students will be expected to develop a degree of competency in these.


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