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The DeSales part-time MBA program is offering some exciting special topic courses in the Spring 2013 session.  Check out the descriptions below!  If you’re interested in taking one of these courses, talk with your advisor or register via WebAdvisor here.

EL550 – International Practicum: Global Issues in Peru
Center Valley/Lansdale (Tuesday nights video conference)

This special topics course offers the MBA student the opportunity to investigate several aspects of doing business internationally.  It utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach (Management, Marketing, Accounting, Finance) with a focus on South America and specifically, Peru.  It is designed so that it can benefit students in any MBA concentration.  The course involves a trip to Lima and neighboring Cusco, where sutdents interact with faculty and students from a large Peruvian University – Universidad Peruana de Ciensias Aplicadas (UPC).  While in Peru, students will also meet with select companies from a variety of Peruvian industries and visit historical and archeological sites such as Macchu Picchu.

MG520 – Leadership & the Executive Mind
Center Valley (Hybrid – Mondays & Saturdays)

This course is an introduction to the inner resources of the mind and personality for vision, leadership, and performance, and the systematic methods of developing these resources into practical skills. The course will include a study of: the structure and functions of the mind; the innate skills of the mind  — concentration, physical and mental balance, imagination, will, intuition, reasoning, and instinct — relative to personal productivity; and the development of the personal skills of leadership. Emphasis will be given to the application of inner resources for creative problem solving, enhanced clarity of thought, and effective communication. Emphasis will also be placed on actual skills development in self-management and students will be expected to develop a degree of competency in these.

MG510 – Conflict ResolutionConflict
Lansdale (Thursday nights)

The course studies the various procedures and techniques for resolving conflicts both in adversarial settings and in unconventional non-adversarial settings. The course will discuss the costs and benefits of utilizing the legal system for conflict resolution as well as the costs and benefits of alternative dispute resolution, negotiation, mediation and arbitration. The course will also focus on methods for preventing litigation and the role of managers in finding creative non-adversarial methods of resolving conflict.


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