17 Oct

The MBA Entrepreneur – Hand X Band

“Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.” Howard Stevenson, HBS professor

When Tony Mauro started pursuing his part-time MBA with DeSales University, his goal was to advance his career and gain personal enrichment.  He was working for a Fortune 500 company and knew the advantages having an MBA degree could bring.  He had a nagging desire to try his hand in entrepreneurship; one day Tony saw an opportunity.  The incidences of tennis elbow, carpel tunnel syndrome and golfer’s elbow were climbing at an alarming pace, well into the realms of 1.2 million new cases of tennis elbow, and 600,000 new cases of carpal tunnel and golfer’s elbow, respectively, per year (all conservative estimates per several medical journals).  With the increasing amount of technology and work-related changes faced by society today (driving distances, computer/smartphone and cell phone use, etc.) undo pressure is put on muscles in hands and forearms.  Tony was particularly concerned about the fact that, by over-utilizing the flexor muscles, people are underutilizing the extensor muscles which directly causes all of the mentioned conditions!  Seeing the opportunity, however, was much simpler than creating a solution.

Tony devised a simple concept that would exercise these underutilized muscles.  This concept, however, was simply a stick-figure drawing on a napkin until a bio-chemical engineer took the idea and helped to make it a reality.  Hand X Bandtm was born.  The Hand X Bandtm is a compact, easy-to-use and affordable product that is designed to provide a balanced exercise experience for those underused, neglected extensor muscles of the forearm, wrist and hand.  Tony’s company, Innovative X-Bandsions, LLC, is hoping to help move the healthcare industry’s focus from fixing health problems to preventing them.  With a little help from the Hand X Bandtm, hopefully we all will avoid the pain of carpel tunnel and other repetitive motion disorders.  The DeSales MBA program offers our best wishes to Tony for his future success!  You can learn more about this innovative product at www.handxband.com.

To learn more about the DeSales MBA program, visit www.desales.edu/mba.

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26 Jun

DeSales MBA – Special Topic Courses being offered!

A photo of some of our MBA students in Peru with the EL550 special topics course and study tour in May 2012.

We have some exciting special topic courses being offered in the summer and fall sessions.  Check out the descriptions below!  If you’re interested in taking one of these courses, talk with your advisor or register via WebAdvisor here.

Summer 2012
MG520 – Power in the Workplace
Center Valley/Lansdale Video Conference

Power in the Workplace is an in-depth study of social power as it occurs at the workplace.  The course is conducted in the hybrid format with some class sessions held in the classroom and some sessions held in the on line environment. Both the theoretical and applied perspectives are addressed.  Course topics include individual self-analysis of power use, sources of power, metamorphic effects of power, power building and utilization skills and the role of powerful people at the workplace.

Fall 2012
EL501 – Management of Technology
Center Valley

The objective of the course is to discuss the various aspects of Management of Technology.  This involves generation, development, and commercialization of technology.  Socio-political factors play very critical roles in managing technology.  We will examine these issues with a special emphasis on the ethical considerations that managers must pay attention to.  This course will help you to apply the various concepts embedded in economics, sociology, and psychology in business situations.  By analyzing five long cases, you will be able to develop a good understanding about this issues whether one is trying to build a new venture or working in an existing organization.

AC510 – Fraud Examination
Center Valley 

Occupational fraud and abuse is a widespread problem that affects practically every organization, regardless of size, location or industry. In the Fraud Examination class we will develop an understanding of how and why asset misappropriation, corruption, and financial statement fraud is committed; identify the human factors associated with increased risk of occupational fraud and abuse; understand management’s responsibility for establishing and maintaining an environment promoting ethical behavior, compliance to laws, and adequate internal control; and learn how allegations of fraud are investigated and resolved through a study of effective fraud examination and through interaction with fraud investigation professionals. The focus of the class will be on the areas prone to fraud, corporate ethics, why people commit fraud, and how to detect and prevent fraud. This course will be a mix of lectures, guest speakers, videos and case studies. MBA concentration class for all majors except project management.   

MG520 – Leadership & the Executive Mind
Center Valley (Hybrid – Mondays & Saturdays)

This course is an introduction to the inner resources of the mind and personality for vision, leadership, and performance, and the systematic methods of developing these resources into practical skills. The course will include a study of: the structure and functions of the mind; the innate skills of the mind  — concentration, physical and mental balance, imagination, will, intuition, reasoning, and instinct — relative to personal productivity; and the development of the personal skills of leadership. Emphasis will be given to the application of inner resources for creative problem solving, enhanced clarity of thought, and effective communication. Emphasis will also be placed on actual skills development in self-management and students will be expected to develop a degree of competency in these.

15 Jun

DeSales MBA – Nominate Your Company for the Societas Award!

Do you work for or own a company that is committed to ethical business practices and socially responsible corporate conduct? 

Nominate your company for the Societas Award!  This annual award, sponsored by the FORUM FOR ETHICS IN THE WORKPLACE, recognizes and celebrates responsible corporate conduct.

The award is presented each September at the Forum’s ethics breakfast meeting.  The deadline for submissions is July 15, 2012.  Don’t delay!  For more information about the award, please check out this fact sheet.  You can view application submission requirements here.

7 Jun

DeSales MBA in the News!

Congratulations to Andrew Leof!

Andrew has been hired by Silberline Manufacturing Co. Inc., Tamaqua, as controller. He is a graduate of DeSales University with an MBA in Accounting.  To read more, click the link below.


Congratulations to our May 2012 MBA graduates!

Click the link below, to read their names and concentrations.

DeSales University signs exchange agreement with Universidad Catolica in Spain!

The agreement allows for both institutions to exchange students for study abroad for one or two semesters, and the possibility of faculty and staff exchanges in the future.  To read more, click the link below.


29 May

DeSales MBA – Peru Through a Student’s Eyes

One of our MBA students, Paul Keeler, has shared a story and some pictures from his trip to Peru with DeSales MBA program!

After two long days of airports, bus travel and a tour of the wonderful city of Cusco we begin our third long day by awaking at 4:45am.  Limited sleep for the past two nights and a hint of altitude sickness are taking their toll on our bodies.  There’s just enough time to grab a quick bite to eat before we board our tour bus for the 40 minute ride to the train station in Pomroy Peru.  All 16 of us have a similar tired, sickly gaze on our faces but we are excited to be here and anxiously await today’s destination.  We are blessed with a mostly sunny day.  The morning air is crisp and fresh, but the intense sun provides great warmth in areas where its light falls.  We board the train and enjoy a very scenic three hour ride to Machu Picchu station where the mountains rise around and above us like massive sky scrapers in New York City.  They are majestic and beautiful. 

My anticipation for seeing Machu Picchu is impalpable at this point.  A local inhabitant points to its general direction high in the glorious hills, but catching an early glimpse from this location is impossible.  After meeting our guide Beto, we board the bus that will take us up the mountain.  Up we go on a dangerous, 1 ½ lane dirt road with no guardrails and too many switchbacks to count.  Other buses sneak past us on their trek back down the mountain to pick-up their next load.  These drivers are clearly experienced and manage the dangerous trek with ease.  Still, that doesn’t keep my heart from skipping a beat as I glance out the window and down the shear edge of a mountain.  Finally we arrive at the drop-off point of our destination.  I twist and crane my neck but can only make out a small edge of the grounds from my current vantage point.  After making our way through the ticketing area, we receive a special Machu Picchu stamp in our Passports.  Beto then leads us down the path and into Machu Picchu and proudly proclaims “Welcome to Machu Picchu”.  My eyes widen as my mouth drops just a bit.  I am here and I am in awe.  This wonder’s first impression exceeded my expectations and provided a moment I will cherish forever.

Paul Keeler













We look forward to providing global opportunities such as this one to our part-time MBA students in the future.  We’ll keep you posted!

7 May

The MBA Entrepreneur – “Share the Dream” Event

The MBA Association is officially refreshed and reloaded with a brand new board of students and alumni and will be planning events and more over the next year.

Our New MBA Association Board (from left to right): Steven Heimbach, Christine Rinaldi, Joyce Farmer, Carla Gonzalez-Swartz, Angela Nash, Charlie Brita (Not pictured: Dezso Nyitray and Milot Rukiqi)

Their first event, “Share the Dream” Stories of Entrepreneurship, featured five DeSales MBA students and alumni at various stages of the entrepreneurial process.  Joyce Farmer, an entrepreneur in just beginning the process business planning and developing, shared the joys and difficulties of taking an idea to the next level.  The biggest decision was determining if she and her husband had what it takes to become entrepreneurs.   

With her husband, Crystal Calla, Fat Boys House of BBQ, ventured into the food truck industry on a part-time basis.  His culinary expertise coupled with her MBA and business background has enabled them to grow their business to a point where they teamed up with Wise Guys Depot to sell their BBQ on its property.  BBQ and beer what a great combo! 

Rena George-Beck and Juan Martinez have also reached new stages of growth in their entrepreneurial ventures.  Rena George-Beck, PAWSitively Poochie, opened two successful grooming locations with an extensive client base and is determining where to expand.  An entrepreneur’s life is never dull; there’s always another decision to be made!  Juan Martinez bought and opened the State Café & Grill in Easton and recently opened another restaurant, Don Juan Mex Grill near Lafayette College.  Juan used social media and smart phone apps to engage his customer base in unique ways; he has had such success that he is looking to his next venture!

The final speaker, Esther Rowland, didn’t set out to be an entrepreneur.  While experiencing success working in IT and studying for her DeSales MBA, she met her husband, Dr. Michael Rowland, who had a small dental practice, Oral Dynamics, in the Lehigh Valley.  Growth was stagnating in his practice, so Esther lent her business expertise and, with their combined skills, they were able to grow beyond the capacity of their leased facility.  Eventually, they purchased and renovated a dilapidated property in Allentown, and are now the proud owners of a very successful, state of the art facility designed to give customers a pleasant dental experience.

Each story was unique and inspiring, yet possessed the same message – to become a successful entrepreneur, you need commitment, dedication and perseverance to overcome the challenges.  In the end, your success will be determined by you – do YOU have what it takes?  The MBA program can give you the tools, but YOU decide what to do with them. 

The MBA program is very excited to see what lies ahead for our entrepreneurs and the MBA Association!   View the video that Rena shared with us – Entrepreneurs Can Change The World

4 May

DeSales MBA – IMPORTANT Federal Loan Information

The following was brought to our attention by DeSales’ Financial Aid department.  If you’re a part-time MBA student using Federal loans, please read this!

Effective July 1st, 2012, the U.S. Department of Education will only process Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loans for Graduate Students.  This is a mandated change per the Budget Control Act of 2011 implemented by the Federal government.  The current interest rate of unsubsidized loans is fixed at 6.8%. Unsubsidized loan payments are deferred until after you graduate, however the interest accrues from the start of the loan period.  Also, semesters will no longer be divided by Summer/Fall and Winter/Spring.  The semesters will be the standard: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.  You will need to take a least one course in the semester that you use loans.

If you are interested in more information about changes in the federal student aid programs, please visit www.studentloans.gov and click on the “Recent Changes to Student Aid Programs” link under the Learn More section of the page.

We also want to advise you of a new process for requesting a Federal Direct Loan for the 2012-2013 academic year.  After registering for courses, simply access your WebAdvisor account and select “Financial Aid Loan Application” under the Financial Aid section to request your loan.  We hope that you utilize this helpful tool.

Please contact the Financial Aid office at 610-282-1100 ext. 1287 if you have any questions.

18 Apr

DeSales MBA in the News!

Do you ever wonder what some of your fellow part-time MBA students are doing outside the classroom?  This time in our “DeSales MBA in the News” feature, we’re bringing you stories of two current students.

Easton area MBA student, Glenn Mamary was featured in a Hunterdon Healthcare article highlighting his incredible journey to lose over 100 pounds!  Congratulations Glenn, what a great achievement!

Want the full story? See it here:
Hunterdon Healthcare article about MBA student Glenn Mamary

Lansdale area MBA student, Frank Sergi spends his spare time pursuing his love for music by playing in a band called the Altacockers from Hell, literal meaning “Old Guys from Hell”.  (Altacockers is the yiddish term for “Old Guy”)  Frank and his band can be seen live on –  April 26th at 7pm –  at MaGerks Pub & Grill, 582 South Bethlehem Pike, Fort Washington, PA!

Check out this video of Frank’s band! (Frank is on the left in black & white)
Video of MBA student Frank Sergi’s band

30 Mar

DeSales MBA – TAA and WIA Funding

Even with the current job market looking up, many people are still being affected by unemployment and the movement of jobs overseas.  We’re excited to inform you that DeSales University has become an approved training provider with the Pennsylvania state unemployment benefits TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance) and WIA (Workforce Investment Act).

For those of you who are unfamiliar with these programs, TAA is a federally-funded employment program that assists workers whose jobs have been impacted by foreign imports, while WIA provides federal job training funds for adults and dislocated workers.  DeSales University’s part-time MBA program is one of the DeSales University programs that are approved for TAA and WIA funding.  The DeSales University part-time MBA program is conveniently offered at the following locations: Center Valley, Easton, Lansdale, Pocono Medical Center, Immaculata, Lehigh Valley Hospital and Online.

For more information on TAA and WIA, visit the following sites:
Trade Adjustment Assistance
Workforce Investment Act

To determine your eligibility to participate in either of these programs:

1.  Verify that your employer has been approved to participate in TAA and/or WIA by contacting the CareerLink Office in your county:

 2.  If your employer has approved TAA and/or WIA benefits, speak with your CareerLink Office, identify three program choices (one can be DeSales University’s part-time MBA program if you want to attend our program) and complete the necessary paperwork.

3.  Talk with an MBA advisor and create a detailed outline of your program completion plan which will be submitted to PA CareerLink website.  Your PA CareerLink counselor will review this information and notify Harrisburg. 

4.  Complete a formal application packet for admissions to DeSales University’s part-time MBA program.  (The $50 application fee is waived for eligible TAA/WIA applicants)

Upon approval, begin your course work in the DeSales’ MBA program.  All coursework must be completed within a two year period as outlined with your academic advisor.

15 Mar

DeSales MBA – Don’t miss this exciting course!

In the Spring 2012 MBA session, we will be offering an exciting course as part of our Healthcare Systems Management courses that only comes around once a year – HC508 Management of Information & Technology in Health Care – with Mr. Ravi Ahuja.  This course is extremely relevant as healthcare administrators deal with the intricacies of healthcare records and more being converted to computerized format.  The course will include guest speakers who are working administrators in healthcare such as Robert Begliomin, LVHN, Georgine Olexa, Good Shepard, John Grencer, Gpod Shepard Rehab, and more.  The course will be offered on location at Lehigh Valley Hospital on Wednesday nights.  Not a Healthcare Systems Management student?  You can still take the course!  All of our part-time MBA students are eligible to take this course as an elective if their concentration is something other than Healthcare Systems Management.

A brief course description:
Information and communication technologies are a rapidly expanding element of health services delivery systems. This course is designed to integrate theory and practical aspects as they apply to healthcare management. It will examine how technology has influenced regulatory, communications and structural healthcare environments. This course develops leadership skills for management of information systems to navigate complex issues such as integration, alignment, strategic planning and governance.

Student learning outcomes will include:

  • Identify the health management information applications for the health care delivery systems;
  • Develop skills in the critical appraisal and assessment of information and technology  needs;
  • Explain the role of information systems in a modern health care environment;
  • Apply leadership skills in decision making of technology related healthcare projects
  • Work more productively with Information Systems professionals to plan, justify, select, and implement healthcare Information Systems.

If this course sounds right for you, talk with your advisor today about registering or go to WebAdvisor and register www.desales.edu/webadvisor.  Our goal in DeSales part-time MBA program is to provide you with classes that are timely, relevant and prepare you to use what you’ve learned right away in your professional career!


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