9 Mar

DeSales MBA in the News!

Congratulations to MBA alumnus Cathy Penyak!  She has been promoted to Vice President of Finance and Human Resources at Kramer Electronics USA, Inc.  Cathy graduated from the DeSales part-time MBA program in 1997 with a concentration in Self-Design.  The Self-Design track allows our students to tailor-make their studies to their career goals.  We wish Cathy much success in her new position. 

To read more:

29 Feb

The MBA Association Refreshed and Reloaded in 2012!

Are you up for the challenge!!!   The MBA Association is seeking additional board members to begin its 2012 year. As a board member you would be intricately involved in the many facets that make this organization fun, educational, beneficial and profitable to the students of DeSales University.  If you have a strong desire to take a leadership role as a board member and contribute to the success of the Association & its membership kindly contact Rena George-Beck, Director of Membership at rena.george-beck@olympus.com .  

Please join us for our first networking event in 2012 — “Share the Dream”.  

Entrepreneurs in the MBA program or graduates of our program relate their experiences in starting their own business:

Rena George Beck – PAWSitively Poochie LLC – dog grooming business
Juan Martinez – Don Juan Mex Grill and the State Café & Grill
Ester Rowland – Oral Dynamics
Crystal Calla – Fat Boys House of BBQ
Joyce Farmer – entrepreneur hopeful!
And possibly more…

Date:  Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Location:  University Center, DeSales University
5:30 PM — Networking begins
6:15 PM — Assignment of volunteers for Board membership
6:30 PM — Introduction and discussion 
Followed by questions

Hors d’oeuvre and refreshments will be served.

Upcoming Event — LET’S KICK OFF FALL 2012!


3 Feb

Faculty Spotlight – Dr. Charles Jobs and Dr. David Gilfoil

Over the past year, DeSales University MBA faculty Dr. Charles Jobs and Dr. David Gilfoil have done collaborative research on global adoption rates and usage patterns of social media platforms (i.e. blogs, micro-blogs, social networking, video/photo uploading).  Their collegial efforts have resulted in four conference presentations, a best paper award, and four publications in respected domestic and international journals such as the Academy of Marketing Studies Journal (AMSJ) and the Journal of International Business Research (JIBR).  Their common interests led them to study cultural differences in usage patterns, marketing and consumer (buy vs sell) behavioral patterns, and market segment (emerging vs developed nation) similarities and anomalies. Intrigued by their findings and the explosive growth of social media platforms, the two professors have now set their research sights on the practical nuances and challenges of measuring and reporting the return on investment (ROI) of social media.  They have also begun developmental work on business courses incorporating social media trends, concepts, and issues for the DeSales part-time MBA program and undergraduate business program.  Stay tuned for more developments…

26 Jan

DeSales MBA in the News – A new blog series!

DeSales MBA alum Lisa Marsilio has been appointed executive director of Good Shepherd Penn Partners.  Lisa has a strong background in healthcare administration and also obtained an MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Systems Management in 2006.  To read more, here’s the story:

DeSales MBA alum Patrick Slattery has announced his run for the 134th district seat.  Patrick graduated from the part-time MBA program in 2008.  He is currently the director of business development with KidsPeace.  To read more, check out the story here:

Congratulations to current DeSales MBA student Jessica Cieplik on her engagement!

Do you know of a DeSales MBA student or alumni who’s being featured in a story?  Let us know!  Email christina.hicks@desales.edu

13 Jan

Congratulations to Dawn Tuers Winner of the Hal Dolenga Award!

Article written by Kimberly Karpinski, DeSales MBA program

Every year the Lehigh Valley Chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) recognizes an MBA student in the Healthcare Systems Management concentration by awarding the EPAHEN – Dr. Hal Dolenga Emerging Leader Award. We are pleased to announce that this year’s recipient of the award is Ms. Dawn Tuers.

A leader in her field, Ms. Tuers believes that “nursing is a lifestyle, not a profession.“ Her desire to achieve her goal of becoming a CEO is a result of her passion and enthusiasm for providing quality care, combined with a belief that motivation and teamwork are an unstoppable combination. She is currently employed in Easton Hospital’s Quality Department as the Coordinator of Pay for Performance “Quality Blue” initiative with Highmark and, as such, chairs several key committees. Karen Vadyak, ACEO & Chief Nursing Officer, remarked, “I, along with Easton’s senior leadership team, have been impressed with the energy and passion Dawn has demonstrated in her new role… she exemplifies leadership commitment to the improvement of patient care at our facility on a daily basis. She is passionate with regard to the work she performs and demonstrates visionary leadership and a dedication to the hospital’s mission.” Dawn’s colleague, Sharon Volkert, agrees, “…she puts the patient first, has excellent organizational skills, works as a team and sees problems that arise as challenges to improve patient care and nursing practices.”

Not only is she a model employee, Dawn has also distinguished herself among her classmates and instructors by bringing a fresh perspective to classroom discussion. Dr. Carol Mest, adjunct faculty for the MBA program, recently had Dawn as a student. Speaking of Dawn, she remarked, “…she displays enthusiasm and creativity in both her written work and her oral classroom participation.”

Congratulations to Ms. Dawn Tuers for this well-earned achievement! We wish her the best of success for the future.

This year’s award was presented by Ms. Theresa Koller, RN, BSN, MHA, FACHE – President of EPAHEN, and Dr. David M. Gilfoil, director of DeSales University’s MBA program. The EPAHEN – Hal Dolenga Emerging Leader Award is presented to a current MBA student concentrating in healthcare who has completed at least half of the program and demonstrates evidence of current/ potential leadership success and is a member of good standing in the community.

13 Dec

A Very MBA Christmas Carol

In honor of it being 12 days before Christmas
Sung to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas”

On the first day of class, my MBA professor gave to me…

A syllabus describing how the next 12 weeks would be…

On the second day of class, my MBA professor gave to me…

Two ridiculously expensive textbooks (Wait, I bought those!)

On the third day of class, my MBA professor gave to me…

Three (slacker) teammates for a group project

On the fourth day of class, my MBA professor gave to me…

Four case studies on corporate ethics

On the fifth day of class, my MBA professor gave to me…

Five ways to develop a personality (I mean personal skill set)

On the sixth day of class, my MBA professor gave to me…

Six discussions on financial (yawn) analysis

On the seventh day of class, my MBA professor gave to me…

“Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”

On the eighth day of class, my MBA professor gave to me…

Eight (not so) critical business principles

On the ninth day of class, my MBA professor gave to me…

Nine (over-paid) business leaders to emulate

On the tenth day of class, my MBA professor gave to me…

Ten page comparative analysis paper

On the eleventh day of class, my MBA professor gave to me…

Eleven minutes to present our final project

On the final day of class, my MBA professor gave to me…

Twelve weeks to pretend we’re the big boss (Business Strategy Game anyone?)

Eleven minutes to present our final project!

Ten page comparative analysis paper

Nine (over-paid) business leaders to emulate

Eight (not so) critical business principles

“Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”

Six discussions on financial (yawn) analysis

Five ways to develop a personality (I mean personal skill set)

Four case studies on corporate ethics

Three (slacker) teammates for a group project

Two ridiculously expensive textbooks (Wait, I bought those!)

And a syllabus describing how the next 12 weeks would be…

1 Nov

The MBA Entrepreneur – PAWSitively Poochie, LLC

When Rena George-Beck decided to return to school for her MBA, her primary goal was to advance her career at Olympus. She also thought it might be nice to teach later in life when she retired. She never even considered that she would become an entrepreneur. If someone asked her 10 years ago if she would own her own business, she would have said, “absolutely not. “ Yet Rena caught the entrepreneurial “bug”!

It all began when she took the CR507, Executive Skills Development, class; this class featured speakers who shared their experiences with starting their own businesses and encouraged the students to do the same. She began to realize that the skills she was acquiring in her MBA studies were preparing her to start her own business, and, more specifically, giving her the confidence and desire to pursue it. Shortly after this, Rena was trying to make an appointment to get her dogs groomed. There was a 3 – 4 month waiting period! That’s when the light came on and she saw an opportunity. Ironically, for an MBA class, she had already done some of the market research when writing a paper on her former dog groomer’s business. This put her ahead of the game in planning and understanding the start up costs. After seeing there was a good return on investment, she wrote a business plan and convinced her husband to give it a try!

One of the other assignments in her MBA coursework was to write a “life plan”, a set of goals for a certain period of time in her life. Rena looks at that plan every day and attributes the plan to her success in achieving many of the goals so far. Slow and steady wins the race. Rena continues to move forward keeping her eyes on her goals. Her motto has become, “It’s going to work out; failure is not an option!” With this drive and determination to succeed, Rena’s business, PAWSitively Poochie, LLC, has maxed out her part-time schedule. In January of 2011, she moved the business from her home to a storefront at 929 Main Street in Northampton. Now she is considering making the leap to a full-time enterprise, hiring personnel and increasing her business.

Though her time is at a premium between running her business part time, working for Olympus full time and managing family life, Rena is always thinking of other things that she can do. In November, Rena’s business will be sponsoring “A Cause for Paws” – a month-long fundraising event to support Peaceable Kingdom of the Lehigh Valley. The fundraising event will be seeking donations of animal food, bedding, toys, carriers and more. If you would like to make a donation, they can be dropped off every Saturday in November from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at: PAWSitively Poochie, 929 Main Street, Northampton, PA 18067.

10 Oct

Have You Heard the News?

It’s official!  DeSales University’s brand new Lansdale Area campus is completed and classes have begun.  On Tuesday, September 27th, officials from DeSales University and Upper Gwynedd Township cut the ribbon and declared the campus officially opened.  Members of the Lansdale community joined the celebration, which was covered by the Reporter.

DeSales University has been offering its MBA program in the Lansdale area for the last 10 years, outgrowing its original space on Main Street in Lansdale.  The new campus provides the MBA program with more classroom space, a student lounge, state-of-the-art technology and more.  Located on the corner of Sumneytown Pike and Broad Street in Lansdale, it is easily accessible from the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Routes 309 and 202, and affords students the convenience that the MBA program is known for.

In addition, to address the needs of the Lansdale community, Montgomery County, and surrounding area, DeSales University will offer its ACCESS, accelerated adult undergraduate education program, in a variety of disciplines, at the Lansdale Area campus beginning in January 2012.  For more information on the MBA program, contact: joseph.zukauskas@desales.edu. For more information on the ACCESS program, contact: jeffrey.gormley@desales.edu.

23 Sep

The 1st Annual MBA Family & Friends Picnic

On Sunday, September 11th, with clouds threatening ominously, about 50 people participated in DeSales University’s first annual MBA Family & Friends picnic. The cool air provided just the right weather for the event – not too hot and sticky!  Considering we had just come through a hurricane AND a tropical storm with crazy flooding, it was a nice reprieve to be outside enjoying a late summer day!  The food was delicious: pork BBQ provided by our MBA alum, Crystal Calla and her husband’s “Fat Boys House of BBQ”, hot dogs, and all different types of goodies brought by the attendees.  It was nice to sit back and reconnect with fellow students and alumni, meet new instructors and talk with long-standing professors.  The kids had a huge park to explore and play on; even the adults joined in!  Joe Zukauskas, Lansdale MBA Program Coordinator, and Mary Ann Falk, MBA Associate Director, provided lawn games for everyone’s pleasure.  The kids enjoyed the bean bag toss while others enjoyed many rousing rounds of ladder golf.  There was only one casualty: a lone ladder golf ball went wayward and got stuck in a tree!  After a good thirty minutes and five men trying to get it down, they finally decided the ladder golf ball had played its last game.

Ironically, the event ended with the sun coming out of the clouds just about the time the weather man said it would start pouring.  Everyone went home with full tummies, happy memories, and talk about next year. 

The MBA program and MBA Association thanks everyone who made this a great success!  We invite you to make plans to join us next year for the second annual MBA Family & Friends picnic – stay tuned for more information!

1 Aug

The MBA Entrepreneur – State Café and Grill

From the time he was a boy growing up in the Dominican Republic, Juan Martinez always wanted to be an entrepreneur.  After moving to the United States, Juan worked in the banking industry to gain knowledge and a basic understanding of finance.  Realizing an MBA was the next logical step for him in pursuing his goal, he researched DeSales University’s offerings and decided on the Self-Design concentration.   He was delighted to learn that the flexibility of the self-design concentration would allow him to tailor his classes to benefit his entrepreneurial aim.

“The faculty members were very knowledgeable…and not just book smart,” Juan remarked.  Within the MBA program, he was exposed to faculty with real world experience – corporate, entrepreneurial, etc. – all with a variety of backgrounds from project management to finance.  Juan was pleased, saying, “My classmates were all from different industries with different perspectives and knowledge.”  As a result, the program allowed him to develop a strong foundation in preparation to start his own business.

Juan realized his dream shortly after graduation when he had the opportunity to purchase and re-open the State Café and Grill in Easton, PA.  Together with his wife, Melanie, they created a new menu and atmosphere for the restaurant, including outdoor dining. 

This past May, the State Café and Grill celebrated its one-year anniversary; however, Juan Martinez isn’t sitting back and relaxing!  He and Melanie are diligently working on their next project – Don Juan Mex Grill – which they plan to open in Fall 2011!  The new restaurant will offer great food at reasonable prices similar to a Chipotle Grill, except with the Martinez touch that adds a little something extra to make the food even more delicious.  Don Juan will be located near Lafayette College which will provide the students with an affordable enjoyable dining alternative.

We offer our congratulations to Juan and Melanie Martinez for the success of their first venture and our best wishes for continued success with their brand new venture – Don Juan Mex Grill!


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