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Harmony Excavators, Inc. is working to repair a break in a water main on Station Avenue this morning.

Students Urged to Conserve Water After Main Break

  Students are being urged to conserve water until 8 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 30 because of a water main break early this morning on Station Avenue between Wills Hall and Buckley House. Water is still safe to drink, Director of Emergency Services Dennis Rasley says. Administrators were made aware of the break when an electronic monitoring […]

The base of the statue

Installation of 50th Anniversary Statue Delayed

The dedication of a 25-foot statue of Christ to commemorate DeSales University’s 50th anniversary will be delayed until Nov. 12, according to multiple university officials. The sculpture, which will bear the name “Jesus the Teacher,” had originally been scheduled to be unveiled during an early September ceremony, but damage to its molds after a change […]


A Taste of Musikfest’s Deep-Fried Treats

By Lauren Trumbull Layout Editor It’s August, and for people living in the Lehigh Valley, August means Musikfest. Musikfest is Pennsylvania’s very own Coachella (minus an audience full of celebrities and elaborate flower crowns on every head) which this year ran from August 6 to August 16. Local and famous bands and artists come to […]

DSU Turf

Turf Fields Ready for 2015-16 School Year

By Lauren Trumbull Layout Editor As summer is too quickly coming to a close, students old and new are beginning to scramble up dorm belongings and fill backpacks with sharpened pencils and unopened notebooks. In just two short weeks, students will be stuffing their cars and making the familiar drive back up Preston Lane to […]

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Florence + Machine

Rock Out Under the Sun with These Hot Summer Songs

By Kellie Dietrich Features Editor You’re driving in your car with the windows down and Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” comes on… so overplayed. You arrive at your local ice cream shop and it’s none other than Swift’s “Bad Blood” playing through the speakers. Although it may seem like Swift is dominating the airwaves everywhere you […]


2015 Mid-Summer Blockbuster Review

By Hutton Jackson A&E and Online Editor This summer has been filled with plenty of movies claiming to be the “blockbuster of the summer.” With many of the big releases already in theaters, The Minstrel wants to help you decide which films to see, and which to skip. Jurassic World Directed by Colin Trevorrow, Jurassic […]

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The True Hero of Game of Thrones: Jon Snow

By Peter Blair Contributing Writer As my previous article alluded, Jon Snow may have a major part to play in the future of this series. Of all characters and heroes who have been raised and felled in this show, I say that Jon Snow is the ultimate hero of Westeros. What? you may ask. How […]


Game of Thrones: An Analysis of Season 5

By Peter Blair Contributing Writer Another season of murder and depravity has come to an end, and so begins the winter that is the Game of Thrones off-season. Nothing to do now but to wait for the springtime horridness to recommence, so let us analyze the last season and guess at what comes next. Season […]

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Sports Media Should Report the Stories, Not Become Them

By Adam Zielonka News Editor Throughout the 2014-15 NFL season, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch refused to give media members straight, useful or oftentimes any answers to their questions. The media covering his games took continuous offense to this, particularly in January’s postseason when the national media became more involved. This month, a different […]

Alexa Beaumont is the team's top returning scorer. Photo by Pat Jacoby.

Looking Ahead: With Hansrote at Helm, Future Looks Up

By William Edwards Sports and Features Editor Telling the DeSales University field hockey team they aren’t going anywhere is like commanding a cat to sit. There’s no way it’s listening, and it will stand with its chin up just to spite you. Take note, Freedom Conference. Beside a few forecasted losses, there seems to be […]

Rising sophomore Joey Malvestuto is the team's top returning scorer. Photo by Pat Jacoby.

Looking Ahead: How Will Men’s Soccer Replace Wes Frebel and Colin Sulpizio?

By William Edwards Sports and Features Editor Men’s Soccer Podcast:   What’s blue and red and finished tied for sixth in the Freedom Conference in 2014? Yes, there is, indeed, work to be done for the men’s soccer team. And it’s not going to be easy. Wes Frebel, the team’s top scorer each of […]

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Recent Anti-Smoking Campaigns Lack Connection to Reality

By Jaci Wendel In 2000, approximately 23 percent of teens in the U.S. smoked cigarettes. Today, that same rate has plummeted to only 8 percent. Partial credit for the decreased rates goes to anti-smoking campaigns that effectively show the consequences of smoking without being preachy or unrealistic. But for every good ad campaign, there’s at […]