Game of Thrones: An Analysis of Season 5


By Peter Blair Contributing Writer Another season of murder and depravity has come to an end, and so begins the winter that is the Game of Thrones off-season. Nothing to do now but to wait for the springtime horridness to recommence, so let us analyze the last season and guess at what comes next. Season 5 was actually a strange one. My primary gauge for assessing the … [Read more...]

PSF Opens with Powerful, Star-Studded “Les Miz”

Valjean Featured

By Adam Zielonka Editor-in-Chief The 2015 Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival (PSF) at DeSales University opened Wednesday, June 10 with Les Misérables, directed by DeSales theater professor Dennis Razze and starring Mike Eldred as Jean Valjean, a role the acting veteran performed on Broadway. The festival brings world-class actors to the Labuda Center for the Performing … [Read more...]

Where Are They Now: Jaime Verazin


By Hutton Jackson A&E and Online Editor From touring in 13 countries with the dance company MOMIX to appearing in the top six on NBC’s hit show America’s Got Talent, Jaime Verazin has found success in all corners of the dance world. Her latest endeavor is performing in the new Broadway musical Finding Neverland, which debuted March 15. However, it wasn’t too long ago … [Read more...]

On the Cheaters who wrote Syfy’s ‘Helix’

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By Peter Blair Contributing Writer It has been a month or so since the finale of the second season of “Helix” on Syfy. After letting the entire series percolate in my mind, I’ve got to say, I feel let down. It wasn’t because of any typical letdowns – not because the ending of the season left too much unresolved, that the bad guy got away, that the wrong guy got the girl or … [Read more...]

Brand New’s brand new single and more

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By Jaci Wendel A&E Editor Remember the emo punk band that you used to obsess over in high school? You scoured YouTube to find new songs, and you were inevitably disappointed when nothing new cropped up. As time went on, you were resigned to the likelihood that the band was on the ride down and probably wouldn’t produce any new material. Still, you referenced them every … [Read more...]