Anxiety on the Rise on College Campuses

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By Lauren Trumbull Layout Editor A recent study done by the Center for Collegiate Mental Health at Penn State found that anxiety has topped depression as the most widespread mental illness on college campuses. A survey done by the American College Health Association found that about one in six college students have been treated for or diagnosed with anxiety in the past … [Read more...]

Charlie Charlie, are you real? Responses from science and spirituality

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By Jaci Wendel   With almost three weeks having passed since the last day of the semester, you’re probably starting to feel the summer boredom start to creep in. Why not spice up your life by summoning a demon? That’s how lots of people on all forms of social media – most notably Vine and Twitter – are spending their time with the recently popular “Charlie Charlie … [Read more...]

Sports Media Should Report the Stories, Not Become Them


By Adam Zielonka News Editor Throughout the 2014-15 NFL season, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch refused to give media members straight, useful or oftentimes any answers to their questions. The media covering his games took continuous offense to this, particularly in January’s postseason when the national media became more involved. This month, a … [Read more...]

Shut up and read or get up and leave

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by Amanda Gilmore You’ve got an eight-page paper to write that’s due tomorrow, or maybe it’s a cumulative exam in your most difficult class. You’re staring at a blank Word document, or re-reading that same page from your notebook three times because you just can’t concentrate. How can you? There’s too much chatter and distraction around you. Why not go to the library, … [Read more...]

Natural Disasters Like Sandy Are No Laughing Matter

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If you’re like me, you’ve used humor for many things. Often it’s self-deprecating, to make fun of yourself in an embarrassing situation, such as a clumsy pass at romance or a terrible test grade. Other times it may be to lighten a dark or serious situation (Facebook statuses during the recent presidential debates come to mind). That’s all well and good, but a line needs to … [Read more...]