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Mission Statement
The purpose of this club is to gain a high level of appreciation towards the comprehensive nature of national security studies as it relates to both government agencies and the private sector. This will be achieved through meetings and discussing issues of national security, familiarizing students with the 16 different organizations of the Intelligence Community and related private sector companies, and hosting guest speakers, as well as occasional field trips.

Core Values

  • Service. We put Country first and Education before self.Quiet patriotism is our hallmark. We are dedicated to higher education according to the philosophy of Christian humanism.
  • Integrity. We uphold the highest standards of conduct. We seek and speak the truth—to our elder’s and to our peers. We honor those who have come before us and we honor our peers with whom we associate with today.
  • Excellence. We hold ourselves—and each other—to the highest standards. We embrace personal accountability. We reflect on our performance and learn from that reflection.
  • Accountability. We recognize that students are personally responsible for their actions, and will suffer the consequences, either positive or negative, of that course, once taken.
  • Respect for Law. To have the sense that our conduct actually matters in both society and on campus.

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